Sitting out

This fall my body have not played along at all. I have been physically tired and my heartrate has been way through the roof.

We suspected that it was due to a viral-infection during the summer, and that suspicion got confirmed when I was diagnosed with post-viral fatigue syndrome around new years. I was told that I should keep the training easy for at least three months before I start with high-intensity training again.

This means I will not be able to compete at all this season. Which obviously is very dissapointing. I really felt I was on the right track last summer, but what can you do?

To make the best of it, I am going to use this unexpected break to take some courses at the University in Oslo and prepare for next season. So as of now I am a (bit more than) fulltime student, taking on entrepreneurship, economics and some german grammar.

#makethebestofit #newChallenges