First day of skiing, tele-cross and fondue

Last weekend my brother and I was visiting our family in Giswil, Switzerland. After visiting our grandfather, uncle and aunts, we jumped at the opportunity to get a day of skiing sqeezed in before going to Luzern to visit our cousins. After renting our telemark-gear at Achermann sport in Alpnach we were ready to go. It was extra cool that this particluar saturday happened to be the big telemark-day in the region with a tele-cross event and an impressive bigjump-show afterwards.

Melchsee-Frutt at its best
Melchsee-Frutt at its best

After spending the most of the winter at the university, sitting, this was my first day skiing this winter. Nevertheless I signed up for the tele-cross event. I had never participated in any telemark-competitions before, but it sounded fun so why not?

Tele-cross debutant
Tele-cross debutant

Two nostalgics were also participating, mostly for show but you need some balls to ski a skicross track with wooden skis and leather boots. Pretty awesome dudes:

Awesome guy going oldschool
Awesome guy going oldschool

I was knoked out after my first heat (luckily not by the guy above), so we just as well ordered us a fondue and enjoyed the rest of the race.


Now it’s off to our cabin in the Norwegian mountains for some relaxing days and hopefully some kiting.

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