Moving to Switzerland

Now we are heading into the final and most intensive period of training before the season kicks off at the end of November. Looking back on the last couple years, which I have spent travelling back ond forth between trainingcamps and competitions almost constantly, has made me want to reduce the travelling this year. That decision was made so I can train with better quality over longer periods of time without all the interruptions and readjustments that come along with travelling.

Part of this plan included relocating to Einsiedeln in Switzerland before the season kicks off. So, as of 11th September I have been living in Einsiedeln and will stay here throughout the season. Training with the team on a daily basis makes the intensive pre-season period a lot more fun and I will have a better idea where I stand compared to my competitors.

The upcoming week we will be jumping in Oberstdorf before our national championships at the weekend. This will also be my first week jumping with the new suits, which will be interesting.

A couple of impressions from my first few weeks living in Einsiedeln:

Sognefjellet 2012

Last week we had our annual snowcamp at Sognefjellet. It was (as always) a week with focus on Crosscountry training and getting as much time on snow as possible. As usual we stayed at Turtagrø (link to website) Hotel which is one of my favorite Hotels thanks to the relaxed atmosphere and delicous food made by the austrian chef Rolland. The food is important since this is the definitive high-volume week of the year with about 25 hours of training in seven days.

The basic schedule for our week was like this:
08:00 : Breakfast
09:00 : 2 – 2,5 hrs. Crosscountry skiing
12:00 : Lunch
15:00 : 2-3 hrs. Classick Rollerskiing or running
19:00 : Dinner

Joel and Seppi enjoying Sognefjellet at it best.

After having done some adjustments to my training approach this summer, the last week has been a good test to see if it has affected my endurance. It has been a very positive experience, tolerating the high volume better than any of the past years. Despite including more high-intensity training than the last couple of years.

Because of the good snow conditions this year we had the opportunity to go touring, sqeezing in one last day of Alpine skiing. Saturday morning Seppi, Robert and I went up Dyrehaugsryggen to shred some slush.

Heels loose

For more pictures check out the gallery

Week 2; Innsbruck and Poland


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[one_half_last]Training in Innsbruck and Seefeld, then driving 12 hours each way to Sczyzrk in Poland. There both competitions got cancelled because of heavy wind and a lot of snow. Great Success[/one_half_last]