All set in Park City

Then we are finally all set in Park City! Because of headwind over the atlantic my flight was almost an hour longer than sheduled. After a sprint through washington airport I barely made my connecting flight to Salt Lake. My skis on the other hand did not make it. Leaving me with one day less training before the comps. They finally arrived late yesterday evening.

We are staying at the Zermatt resort & spa in Midway. Its basically a town built by swiss emigrants, who have done a great job keeping their swissness, which is really cool.



Training today was okay, so let the comps begin!

New rollerski-course in Holmenkollen

So finally part of the new rollerski-track in Holmenkolen has opened. As of now 2,5 km of the planned 5 km is open for training. It is parts of the winter-course close to the stadium area which is now being made ready for rollerskiing. At last athletes living in Oslo have a place to do quality sessions in a course relevant for competition-training and without having to worry about aggressive drivers. Unfortunately the rollerski-season is (hopefully) about to end, but this makes the training conditions for next season optimal with both skijumping and cross-country facilities within the city-borders.

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