Oakley celebrates 30 years of great design

After crushing it for 30 years straight, Oakley now celebrates by releasing an anniversary collection called Heritage. The Heritage collection is aimed at the most avid Oakley fans. It reintroduces some of the most popular models since they released the Eyeshades™ 30 years ago. The Heritage collection has the original designs, but are tied together with custom colors and pattern.

Oakley started out with the mission of producing eyewear for high performance sports. Exceptional optics and great design has been the goal and ambition for the company. And it is the latter that has truly made Oakley stand out among all the other companies aiming at making high-performance sports-equipment. Especially in the eyewear segment. Where many companies are making great products, almost none has managed to do what Oakley has achived: Making high-performance sportswear cool. Not only among the elite athletes, but also in the mainstream public.

15/3/86 Milan-San Remo
Three time Tour de France winner: Greg Lemond

With the release of the Heritage collection Oakley has dug out some of the design sketches which went on to become among the brands most popular models. Check out the gallery below to see how the original designs got conceptualized.

All images at the courtesy of Oakley Inc. 

COC Klingenthal

After a really slow start in the continental cup we finally had a full weekend of competitions in Klingenthal.

It started out symptomatic for this season. Arriving thursday afternoon, without any luggage. No clothes. No skis. The first competition is in 20 hours. No problem, I had a short transfer in Frankfurt it will get here with the next flight.

The next, and last, flight landed at around 8pm. Still no luggage. Time to ask around to see if anyone has a pair of extra skis, boots and helmet roughly my size. Luckily Brett Denney saves the day and lends me his second pair of skis and boots. With skis 6cm shorter than normal, different brand and a different binding I am ready to hit the hill. Trialround: trying to get a feel for the equipment. Provisional competition round: Decided to go for it, but ended up almost going down face first at 80 meters.

Luckily a guy from Lufthansa waits for me when I get down. My equipment finally arrived, just in time for the competition round. With my own equipment the competition jump was OK, but after the dire crash in the previous jump I’m too defensive in the flight and loose way too much speed to make a good distance. The xc-shape is pretty good and after a satisfying xc-race I end up scoring my first points this season.

Team-sprint was on the program for saturday. Since I was the only swiss athlete in Klingenthal I spent the day as a spectator. Pretty exciting race with a dramatic last leg resulting in a surprising victory to Austria in front of two German teams.


On sunday I started off where I left on friday, making some adjustments to be more aerodynamic in the flight. It works out really well and my competition jump is on the level I have had the last couple of weeks. With 12th place after the jumping everything is set for a good result. The xc-race was decent, but I only almost caught up with the top-10 group. Finishing 15th, 16 seconds off the top-10, making it my best competition since I recovered from mononucleosis this fall. I am definitely on the right track and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season. Below are some impressions from the weekend:

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